Partnerships & Collaborations

If you are interested in partnering or collaborating with me, my team would be happy to connect with you!


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Marcus and his team helped bring so much joy to our members. Not only was the content exactly what we’d hoped for, but working with them was an absolute delight. We couldn’t ask for better partners in improving the lives of our clients.

Kelton Wright VP of Content and Production Sanvello

Social Media Collaborations

Team up with us on social to produce amazing content! Check out our featured collaborations.


I partnered with Ferry-Morse to demonstrate how to start fruits & vegetable seeds outdoors + herb seeds outdoors through Instagram & TikTok.

@gardenmarcus I support my mental health by going outside & appreciating nature. What do you do? @mtv #HiddenHealers ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus

Hidden Healers Campaign, Feb 2023 I collaborated with MTV to share some of my favorite activities to support mental health, and encourage people to take care of their wellbeiing.


I worked with Fiskars to honor bees, show the joys of harvesting herbs from the garden, and demonstrate how to create a pollinator garden in a small space! The three videos produced were shared to Instagram and TikTok.

Vego Garden

With the help of Vego Garden, I added some raised beds to my garden and shared how I grew bromeliads and vegetables over the summer via Instagram Reels and Stories!

REI Coop

I worked with REI to encourage people to spend time outdoors this summer. Through a Twitter thread, I shared why my garden is the perfect way for me to recharge.


I teamed up with the iconic Fiskars to show people how to start growing their own food at home. In this two month campaign, I demonstrated how to prepare soil & get to planting through Instagram Reels tutorials.

@gardenmarcus Taking care of ourselves helps us care for others. Thank you @herbivorebotanicals for helping me keep my skin healthy! #HerbivoreBotanicals #ad ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
Herbivore Botanicals

I collaborated with Herbivore Botanicals to create two fun TikTok tutorials. In the first video, I showed up to “upcycle” empty Herbivore product jars for propagations. In this one, I discuss the importance of self-care with one of my all time favorite skin products, Coco Rose.


I worked with Mashable on behalf of Walmart to show people how they can spruce up their indoor and outdoor spaces for spring. Learn more about the event here!

@gardenmarcus #BobMarley was born February 6th, 1945. Let us remember and celebrate his life and impact 😁🙏🏾🌱 #sponsored ♬ Jamming - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Universal Music Group

I participated in a campaign with Universal Music Group to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday (February 6th). Happy birthday to a musical legend!