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Tour of my Plant Temple | Houseplants with Garden Marcus

Learn what it’s like to live with 230+ plants

A meditation to be positive when you don’t feel like it

We have a meditation to improve your spirits

Day in the Life of a Plant/Wellness Entreprenuer

Learn more about what we do in a day!


Find life lessons and quick tips for your plants & well-being.

Grow through Barriers (compost lesson)

To achieve our goal, we created Choice Forward. We offer services such as as workshops, presentations, and seminars

Transitioning rooted propagations

Check out this tutorial on using leca clay pebbles (with a life lesson at the end)

@gardenmarcus Life doesn’t give up, and there’s Life inside us… So tap into your resilience and face your obstacles with courage & awareness - you got this 🙏🏾🍄 #dontgiveup #resilience #mushroom ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
Mushrooms remind us of our resilience

What can we learn from these mushrooms growing on cedar chips?

@gardenmarcus Propagating a pineapple! I love doing this 😁🍍 (Reupload with fixed audio) #learnfromme #propagate #growyourfruit #happygardener #goodvibes ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
How to Propagate a Pineapple

This is a classic Garden Marcus tutorial from our early content days in 2o2o!

@gardenmarcus Plants won't grow just anywhere; location is a key factor in their health. 😁🌱 #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #plantrescue #growth ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
A lesson from sweet potato on maximizing our growth

Maybe we need a change of location