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Marcus and his team helped bring so much joy to our members. Not only was the content exactly what we’d hoped for, but working with them was an absolute delight. We couldn’t ask for better partners in improving the lives of our clients.

Kelton Wright VP of Content and Production Sanvello

Social Media Collaborations

Team up with us on social to produce amazing content! Check out our featured collaborations.

@gardenmarcus These plant-based snacks from Bada Bean Bada Boom are awesome! Use code "gardenmarcus" for 20% off your order at 😁🌱 #ad ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
Bada Bean Bada Boom

I made this promotional video for Bada Bean Bada Boom, a snack by
Enlightened, to share these tasty snacks with my audience. Dana & I enjoyed coming up with the concept, and this is the first product to get our “Certified Wholesome” stamp of approval.

@gardenmarcus I teamed up with @greatist to talk about how plants help me incorporate mindfulness into my everyday routine! 😁🌱 #greatist #wholesome #mindfulness ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus

I collaborated with Greatist, a subsidiary of Healthline, to create educational content centered around mindfulness and gardening. I combined my own passion for the subject with information from Greatist articles to create this mini series.

@gardenmarcus #ad I loved visiting @freightfarms at @Farehousefarms to see the #agtech behind container farms & how they speed up the process of growing fresh greens. These farms allow places with few resources to grow produce all year. For more info follow @freightfarms or visit their website #FreightFarms #ad ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
Freight Farms

I toured Fare House Farms, a Freight Farms facility, to show how this technology grows food from seed to mature plant in this TikTok video.

@gardenmarcus #ad I’m growing more of my own food this spring and I'm starting with organic seeds from Ferry-Morse. I look forward to learning as I watch these Cherry Belle Radishes, Red Russian Kale, and Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli plants grow 😁🥬🥦 #FerryMorseAmbassador ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus

In this two-video mini-series with Ferry-Morse on IG and TikTok, I documented my experiment of planting organic seeds and then transplanting the seedlings. 15 of my 18 seeds germinated, and I moved them to larger planters!


I worked with Fiskars to honor bees, show the joys of harvesting herbs from the garden, and demonstrate how to create a pollinator garden in a small

@gardenmarcus I love my garden, but it's refreshing to go further out in nature and camp in style & comfort. This summer, I’ll be comfy with camp furniture from @REI x @West Elm. Shop the collection at the link in bio 🌱 #REIpartner #REIxWestElm ♬ original sound - Garden Marcus
REI Coop x West Elm

Through a TikTok video and Instagram carousel of pictures + Stories, I showed to get cozy in the outdoors with the 2022 REI x West Elm camp furniture


In collaboration with BBC, I shared my compost routine and discussed how we can take steps at home to mitigate food waste & restore our soil.


I worked with PBS to show some of my favorite zero waste swaps and inspire people.