Partnerships & Collaborations

If you are interested in partnering or collaborating with me, please email My team would be happy to connect with you.


Featured Partnerships

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Choice Forward x Sanvello

Sanvello is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) mental health app by United Health Group. My company, Choice Forward, has partnered with Sanvello and we are creating "Mood Booster" videos focused on wellness & gardening for the platform. We are thrilled about this partnership, and looking forward to sharing some great content!


Social Media Collaborations

Examples of past work


#OptOutside Twitter Campaign, July 2021

I worked with REI to encourage people to spend time outdoors this summer. Through a Twitter thread, I shared why my garden is the perfect way for me to recharge. 



Sponsored Instagram Campaign, April-May 2021

I teamed up with the iconic Fiskars to show people how to start growing their own food at home. In this two month campaign, I demonstrated how to prepare soil & get to planting through Instagram Reels tutorials. 


Herbivore Botanicals

Sponsored TikToks, April 2021

I collaborated with Herbivore Botanicals to create two fun TikTok tutorials. In the first video, I showed up to "upcycle" empty Herbivore product jars for propagations. In this one, I discuss the importance of self-care with one of my all time favorite skin products, Coco Rose. 



Virtual Home Event: Outdoors

March, 2021

I worked with Mashable on behalf of Walmart to show people how they can spruce up their indoor and outdoor spaces for spring. Learn more about the event here!



Virtual Home Event: Indoors

March, 2021

I worked with Mashable on behalf of Walmart to show people how they can spruce up their indoor and outdoor spaces for spring. Learn more about the event here!


Universal Music Group

Sponsored TikTok

February, 2021

I participated in a campaign with Universal Music Group to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday (February 6th). Happy birthday to a musical legend!


Bada Bean Bada Boom

Sponsored TikTok

October, 2020

I made this promotional video for Bada Bean Bada Boom, a snack by Enlightened, to share these tasty snacks with my audience. Dana & I enjoyed coming up with the concept, and this is the first product to get our "Certified Wholesome" stamp of approval. 



Sponsored TikTok

September, 2020

I worked with Chipotle to create this tutorial on how to compost a Chipotle burrito bowl! The restaurant chain advocates for sustainability and environmental consciousness, so I showed how customers can reduce their waste in this fun video. 



Greatist Presents: Mindfulness with Marcus

August-September, 2020

I collaborated with Greatist, a subsidiary of Healthline, to create educational content centered around mindfulness and gardening. I combined my own passion for the subject with information from Greatist articles to create this mini series. 


NYT Cooking - Story Contribution

July, 2020

I contributed a tutorial on how to grow and herb garden at home for the New York Times Cooking IG. This was a fun way to share what I know and connect with a new audience. Watch the tutorial here.


Hunker Home - Instagram Takeover

July 2020

Hunker invited me to do an IG Takover at the end of July for a Summer Cool Down series they hosted. I gave a plant tour and showed how plants are a great way to bring life to one's space.