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Great news! My first book came out May 24!

In this work, I take readers on a journey through mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual awareness to help people improve their well-being and grow to their fullest potential. Along with my insight are stories spanning from my childhood to recent years. 

I am delighted to share that I also had the honor of recording the audiobook.

If you read or listen to the book, please consider leaving me a review on the platform you purchased it from!


Coming 2024: Picture book with Nancy Paulson Books


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Spirituality & Health Magazine

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Propagating Plants & People

Print: Pages 32-34

Garden Guide 2022

Reviews for HOW TO GROW

“Garden Marcus is not only a trove of information if you’re looking to flex your green thumb, but a balm for the pandemic-induced chaos happening in the world.”  — Vogue

"Marcus does a stunning job at giving us a soft place to land and explore what it means to lean into our growth with grace, patience, and compassion. This collection is necessary and beautiful! It should be required reading." — Alexandra Elle, Author of After the Rain and How We Heal

“Bridgewater’s planting tips are just as valuable when applied to life.”  — The Root

“In his new book, Garden Marcus sows a nurturing philosophy." — Texas Standard Daily News

Book Events!

Thank you to the booksellers who hosted us and to those who attended our book events!


Kindred Stories - Houston, TX

May 25, 2022


Book People - Austin, TX

July 15, 2022

Village Books - The Woodlands, TX

May 24, 2022


Writer's Block - Winter Garden, FL

June 18, 2022

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Announcing "How to Grow!" 

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Literary Representation

I am thrilled to share that I am represented by Aevitas Creative Management with the incredible Toby Mundy as my agent. Writing has always been one of my favorite activities and I look forward to sharing my work with you. 

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